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Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

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The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya offers you a highly personalised university education with a strong vocational element.

This high level of personalised treatment is achieved by ensuring that there is: no more than one group per course; a maximum of 80 students per lecture, and one university professor assigned to every eleven students. The teaching staff, as well as delivering vital academic training, are also dedicated to providing students with advice and guidance throughout their studies.

A high proportion (40%) of the teaching programme is set aside for practical-based classes. Most of our teachers have professional backgrounds and the university nurtures a very close relationship with business via its work experience programmes. The aim is to equip the student with all the knowledge, skills and talents demanded by the market, while also providing a solid training in the fundamental values of Christian Humanism.

The international character of the university is a basic feature and also a necessary one for students. In this respect, 10% of our alumni are from overseas; students study English courses which are personalised to meet their academic and professional requirements and there is an extensive international exchange programme.

All of these features described above allow students to make the most of the university's resources (both in terms of material and human resources). This in turn allows them to get the most out of their chosen university studies and face the world of work with confidence.

The UIC organises a wide range of cultural, recreational and sport activities in an attempt to encourage the full personal development of students.

In keeping with its ideals, which are based on Christian Humanism, the UIC provides the whole university community with access to the pastoral care provided by the Chaplaincy Service, which is entrusted to the prelature of the Opus Dei, an institution belonging to the Catholic Church.

This is the commitment the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya makes to all its students. It is a university where you can experience your degree in the most intense way possible, at the highest academic level.


Type of Courses: Degree, Master, Official Master, Postgraduate

Language: Spanish

Address: Immaculada, 22 08017, Barcelona

Phone: +93 254 18 00

URL: www.uic.es

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Universitat Internacional de Catalunya