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Universidad de Deusto

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The University of Deusto was founded in 1886. Its central body is on the other side of the ria, in front of the Guggenheim museum. Its foundation sprung from the worries and cultural interests of both the Basque Country, which wanted its own University, and the Jesus Company which wanted to move its La Guardia (Pontevedra) college to a more central location. For this reason the city of Bilbao was chosen. The University of Deusto currently has two campuses located on the two coastal capitals of the Basque country: Bilbao and San Sebastián.

As well as individual investigation and investigations coordinated from heads of departments (e.g. Law and Human Genome or Leisure and Disability), there is a clear option in the institutional field for the social themes of interdependence, distribution of resources, migration, human rights, development, poverty and environment, ethics and society, just as studies about cultural identity (individual and collective) and processes of European integration taking part in various international groups of investigation.

The internationalization shows a clear agreement with Europe and Latin America, without excluding other regions, having signed agreements with more than 200 universities. With a mobility of around 1300 students and 50 professors and teachers, the faculties, institutes and schools also involve themselves in intensive programs, European modules and curricular designs with various levels, at the same time that they participate in cross-border activities, integrated languages, open and distance learning (ODL) and Leonardo programs.

The whole University adopted the European credit system in 1994 and works for its promotion and quality. In fact, Deusto was the first European university to extend the European credit system to all its faculties.

Together with eight other institutions it is a member of the Federación de Universidades, Facultades e Instituciones de Enseñanza Superior (UNIJES), erected or linked by statuary dispositions to the Jesus Company in Spain. The University wants to bring something positive to the construction of a fairer, more brotherly and human world by following the orientation of its mission, contained in the Deusto University project. The University has established the Marco Pedagógico UD as the fundamental basis of educational innovation, which is being implanted as a distinguishing response from the University to our current surroundings.


Type of Courses: Degree (Diplomatura), Degree, Master, Own University Titles, On-Line Qualifications, Doctorate, Specialization Courses

Language: Spanish, English, Basque

Address: Avda. de las Universidades 24 48007, Bilbao (Vizcaya)

Phone: +34 902 302 301

URL: www.deusto.es

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Universidad de Deusto