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Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona

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The Autonomous University in Barcelona is a public university in Cataluña (Spain) which was opened in 1968. The majority of its teaching services and extracurricular activities are found on the Bellaterra campus.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is divided into three university campuses: Bellaterra, a large campus of teaching and investigation; Sabadell, committed to technology, business and work; and San Pau, a new campus for health sciences. It is a leading University that offers quality, diverse, multidisciplinary and flexible teaching which is suited to society´s needs and adapted to the new models of European knowledge. Its commitment is based on the desire to satisfy people's training needs as different stages of their life.

It offers innovative teaching, of high quality and precision, characterized by a large practical component. Within its courses available we find: Bachelor´s degrees, degrees, engineering and postgraduate studies in all fields of knowledge. Its postgraduate training is of a very high quality which contributes to the creation of new professional profiles and current workers to acquire new skills which will help them to promote themselves in the work market.

There are collaboration agreements in place with institutions and businesses that permit students to carry out work experience or internships during their training. At the same time they also organize a large amount of their own jobs. On the campus you will find a range of services that will cover your entire academic (libraries, information networks, language learning), leisure (sport and cultural facilities) and day to day (shops and health centre) needs.


Type of Courses: Degree, Doctorate, Official Master, Degree (Diplomatura), Engineering, Own University Titles

Language: Spanish, Catalan

Address: Campus de la UAB 08193, Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès), Barcelona

Phone: +34 935 811 111

URL: www.uab.es

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Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona


Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona