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Granada School

Granada School PDF Brochure

School Description

The school occupies an entire five-story building. The school is well lit and airy, with lots of windows and balconies overlooking the street. The atmosphere at the school is intimate and relaxed. Above all, the building is centrally heated and air-conditioned, both being indispensable features in Granada, where summer and winter temperatures can be extreme.

The school is equipped with modern teaching aids such as computers and audio-visual equipment. The recreation room is on the lower level. Here, you can watch TV or a video, listen to music, read books or newspapers, play board games or darts, etc. The school is located in a safe, quiet area in the city center, just a stone's throw from the cathedral and within walking distance of the Alhambra Palace, and the Albaicin. Buses depart not far from the school almost every hour for the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Mediterranean coast…


  • 5-story building
  • Centralized heating and air conditioning throughout the building
  • Powerful Wi-Fi, with access from all points of the building
  • Recreation area full equipped with TV, DVD, Hi-Fi, library and games.


  • Home Stay: Individual or double. Breakfast, half-board or full board.
  • Shared flat / Apartment: Individual, double or double for individual use.
  • dQ Residence with private bathroom: individual or double. No meals, half-board or full board.
  • Student Residence/Family Residence: Individual or double. No meals, half-board or full board.
  • Premium Accommodation: Flat (individual, double or double for individual use). No meals.


Calle Azhuma 5, 18005, Granada, Spain.

Tel. 34 923277200