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Cádiz School

Cádiz School PDF Brochure

School Description

Our school in Cádiz has moved to a recently renovated 3-floor building with a bit of history to it: the house formerly belonged to Federico Jolly, the founder of Cádiz daily newspaper "Diario de Cádiz." This building has a beautiful Andalusian terrace and patio, a kitchen, a common room, a fully equipped computer room (with brand new computers, webcams, microphones and earphones!), and of course, the classrooms where all the learning is done!

Activities and Excursions

We believe that extra curricular activities are fundamental to help students integrate into the city; get to know other students and to make learning Spanish more fun. Usually, the whole staff participates in the activities to create and even more familiar atmosphere.

We organize different activities every week. Some of them are completely free, for example: literature and cultural workshops, a guided tour of the city, visits to the museums and regular movie showings. We also organize: fiestas, BBQ's, dinner, tapa routes, visits to wine cellars, surf lessons, ceramics, flamenco and excursions to Seville, Granada, Ronda and other cities of interest.

Minimum 2 activities per week.


  • 3-story completely renovated historical building
  • Comfortable, bright and fully equipped building with a terrace and a courtyard
  • WiFi wireless internet available throughout the school
  • Computer room with free Internet. Availability of webcams, microphones and earphones
  • Kitchen available for all the students
  • Complete library with free access to borrow books, videos & music


  • Home Stay: Individual or double. Half-board or full board.
  • Shared flat / Apartment: Individual, double or double for individual use.


Plaza Mentidero, 19, 11003 Cadiz


Tel. 34 923277200