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Accommodation PDF Brochure

Comfortable accommodation is important to help you enjoy your stay in Spain. eduSpain offers you the following options.

Home stay

Prices from €129 to €249

Home stay offers you a unique opportunity to experience Spanish life while living in the home of a local Spanish speaking family. You will speak Spanish out of necessity and interest in the family life you see unfolding around you. You can choose from a room with breakfast, half-board (breakfast and either a cooked meal at lunchtime or a light dinner in the evening) or full-board (breadfast, lunch and dinner).

Student flats

Prices from €90 to €259

You may choose to share one of our flats with four or five other students. In a student flat you can prepare your own meals and interact with other students of all ages and language backgrounds. We recommend you make a pact about speaking Spanish in the flat; other shared languages often take students away from Spanish language practice. Although the student flats are not very luxurious, they include all the basic facilities: double and single rooms with a table or desk, chair and wardrobe, a living room with TV, a fully equipped kitchen, a washing machine and iron. Students share the kitchen and the bathroom and help keep the flat clean together. Shared areas are professionally cleaned once a week.

Student residences/universidades campus

Prices from €179 to €305

Student residences have a young, international feel about them and offer all you will need in one building: laundry facilities, prepared meals or shared do- it-yourself kitchens and areas for studying, socializing, and watching TV. All of the residences offer individual, double and triple rooms.

Premium apartments

Prices from €335 to €1,295

This type of accommodation is ideal if you want to maintain your independence. You will have a single room with a private bathroom cleaned daily and with internet access either in a family home or a private residence. If you choose the apartment option you will share the residence with a maximum of 3 other students. For even more independence you may choose a private apartment, totally furnished and equipped with kitchenette and all the necessary amenities.